Cyber Express

CYBER EXPRESS is Youngstown’s best full service laptop and desktop repair company. We specialize in residential and small business computer repair. Youngstown’s best kept secret in the repair business. We work on PC and MAC. Our services include system security and online privacy solutions, hardware and software repairs and troubleshooting, wireless equipment and network installations, spyware and virus prevention and removal, data backups and transfers, and other forms of on-site computer support that meet today’s increasing demand. When it comes to repairing or buying a computer rest assured PROBLEM SOLVED!

  • Affordable
  • Residential
  • Small Business
  • Professional
  • Personal Service
  • 24 hour response time @ a maximum

CYBER EXPRESS opened in early 1999, with the idea that computer repairmen don’t need to be nerds to get things done. We believe customer service is the number one priority in this business, and that our customers shouldn’t have to put up with the typical arrogant computer repairman. With that philosophy in mind, we did our homework, and designed our business to provide not only the most customer-friendly service, but also fair prices.

We refuse to let our services or products to be rated any less than excellent. We always use the latest technologies while working on your computer, and we always carry the most reliable brands in our cases. We stand behind our warranties and pride ourselves on our quick turnaround times.

Come Check us out http://www.cyberexpress.biz or facebook.com/cyberexpresss

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